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Jesuit Marauders 2005 Cross Country Syllabus

1. Eligibility Requirements

Cross Country practice begins on Monday, August 15th. To participate, a student must submit:

Transfer students must complete eligibility paperwork.

2. Attendance and Attitude
Three unexcused absences can result in dismissal from the team. JUG or academic detention does not excuse one from practice. Athletes should schedule medical and personal appointments outside practice time. Athletes should notify coaches concerning anticipated absences such as funerals, serious illness, etc.

For the first few weeks practices will be at 6:30 a.m. Beginning September 26 practices begin 20 minutes after the last bell every school day. Saturday and holiday practices will begin at 8:00 a.m. There are no Sunday practices.

Athletes are expected to regularly check the team website and are encouraged to communicate with coaches via e-mail.

3. Drug and Alcohol Policy--see the Student-Athlete Parent Handbook.

4. Equipment
Athletes provide their own training and racing shoes. A gym bag, and towel are recommended for daily use. Athletes are expected to train in appropriate running training attire.

Athletes are responsible for uniforms issued. Proper care includes cold water wash and tumble dry low. Uniforms are to be returned to the Dean’s Office within five days of season's end. Cleaned equipment should be returned in a brown shopping bag or a clear plastic bag identified with the athlete's name. JUG will be assigned to athletes with uniforms outstanding. Athletes will be billed for damaged or lost uniforms ($60 uniform).

5. Transportation Policy--see the Student-Athlete Parent Handbook.

6. Participation, Competition, and Recognition
Athletes attending practice consistently will compete in meets. Athletes who do not compete are expected to assist the coaches and their teammates. Some invitational meets have entry limits (Stanford, Clovis, Section Meet, State Meet). When possible, another meet will be scheduled on the same day for those not qualifying for the primary meet.

A banquet concludes the season. Athletes who have successfully completed the season (attended practice faithfully, competed regularly in meets including the Delta League Championship Meet, and returned all issued equipment) will receive a certificate of participation. Varsity athletes who have successfully completed their season will receive a Block J for the first varsity award, a certificate for subsequent seasons.

Jesuit High School Cross Country Sign off Sheet
Athlete and your parent(s) or guardian sign below and return this page to the head coach. No uniform will be issued until this page has been returned.

We have read and agree to abide by the rules set forth for the Jesuit High School Cross Country team. We also acknowledge that there are certain inherent risks involved when one participates in cross country competition as an athlete, as an official or as a volunteer. We are aware that by signing this document that we freely agree to take such a risk.

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Athlete’s Signature:______________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian’s Name: (Print)__________________________________________

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